S03E18 - The Pants Alternative

How did I not notice that first GIF before?

They’ve been doing Shenny sexual innuendos since the beginning, haven’t they? This, Penny telling Leonard not to go into the bedroom since Sheldon wasn’t wearing any pants, Sheldon telling Leonard he has a better understanding of friends with benefits after leaving Penny’s apartment, etc.

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Anonymous said: Do you think the Duggars spoiled Josie Sometimes, by holding her the all the time?


No I don’t, I hold my 4 year old brother all the time.

Not with holding. Maybe with junk food or toys or something that could be spoiling.


When terms like “eyesex” or “eyecoitus” don’t do justice to the amount of sexual tension between two people.


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eu não assisto tbbt então que eu sei são esses episódios em que eles se abraçam 

se pegar dê like ou créditos a @thiswalkers 

Aw yeah!

Anonymous said: Where do the Duggar girls get their skirts


They said in the one book that they get their skirts from Cato Fashions.

I think they also get them from the thrift stores and consignment stores or Target, Walmart, or Dillards.

LOL, Jill Dillard gets her skirt from Dillards

I need cats on my dashboard.

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Anonymous said: Personally, I don't care how Ben got the ring but was the video really necessary? It just seems so shallow and unmodest of her. Was a simple photo not enough? Her and Ben both seem like such attention seekers with their constant selfies and proclaiming on social media how much they "love" each other. I'm not the same anon who was slamming Ben earlier but I hope you also have "the guts" to post my comment too even though you haven't always done that in the past ;) Because isn't free speech nice?


Actually I think the video was necessary, she was showing her fans the ring. I am sure she has gotten thousands of comments asking her to do something like that, and when she does people condemn her for it. I honestly don’t think she or Ben are attention seekers, They are living their life for Christ. If you don’t like how many selfies they post STOP FOLLOWING THEM. They didn’t demand you follow them on their social media sites. I also see this as their way of keeping us up to date on their relationship,since their show only covers so much of their life. Honestly I would suggest you re-evaluate your life because you are condemning them for something that is normal for couples to be doing, she is not doing that because she is in the spotlight, she is doing that because that is what any normal couple would be doing.

"A video was necessary" - something that wouldn’t have been said 50 years ago

Is he giving a little smile/smirk in the last gif?

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I will generally blog about Sheldon and Shenny.

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